Scout's Honor Productions

Let's SEE Your Music!

  • Digital Media
  • Livestreaming
  • Bands
  • Videography 

Present any event to a world wide audience through Digital Media productions. 

​​Record your live shows or make a music video.​

Award shows, band sets, comedy shows, film festivals, football games, plays, weddings, or anything else that might start with X, Y or Z.​


​​I started in the film industry in 1993 and got involved in the independent music scene in Chicagoland in 2001. Working out of the infamous Double Door in Wicker Park, Chicago. Live music can't be beat and I fell in love with the venue. Combining my love for both industries I founded Scout's Honor Productions in November of 2006 and named it after my daughter. I started recording live shows in 2007. It's fun and I love doing it. I've recorded many events including award shows, band sets, comedy shows, film festivals, football games, plays and weddings. 


Telephone: (773) 671-4826


We are based in Berwyn,
just outside of the
greatest city in the world.
Chicago Illinois

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